About Us

MITURF.ORG is an not-for-profit entity of MITURF, that aims to help people across communities gain access to sporting spaces, initiatives and programs that directly contribute to improving civil values while disseminating the benefits of sports.

MITURF.ORG strives to strengthen communities by providing a platform and outlet for people find activity spaces, allowing people of all backgrounds to connect, enriching life of people, combating discrimination, circumventing youth violence, uniting people and strengthening communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve civil values while disseminating the benefits of sports, sporting and recreational spaces in communities and sporting program initiatives.

What We Do

We Make Sporting Spaces More Accessible

MITURF.ORG through and mobile app helps people look up sporting spaces and filter by user preferences making the utilization of existing spaces more accessible. Anyone is able to search a space fit for an activity and if it accommodates people with physical disabilities.

We Promote Community Building

MITURF.ORG plans sporting events, tournaments, activities in an effort to promote health, diversity, equality and circumvent violence. MITURF.ORG also leverages technologies to unite people across communities by championing sporting activities and methods that connect people to contribute to a positive cause.

We Help People Re-Discover Unfamiliar Areas

People living in communities are provided with insight about spaces that they never knew existed. We offer people a platform that connects them to city spaces that may be unfamiliar and undiscovered simply because they never knew they existed.

We Make it Easy and Convenient

We profile sporting and recreational space information in a user friendly, easy to understand format so people can learn about a location more effectively and efficiently.

We Help Connect People

We empower people to connect with one another within a trusting social network to strengthen communities and promote social cohesion. People are able to connect with activity partners based on specific parameters and preferences.

Learn More

We’re always on the lookout for partnerships that contribute to our cause. If you’d like to learn more, connect or discuss a partnership opportunity, contact us at


2240 Lakeshore Blvd West

Suite 2808

Etobicoke, ON