Partner Tips

This hosting guide contains tips that will help Space Partners become successful on MITURF.

1. Make sure your profiles are complete

As our valued Partner, our goal is to give the venue more online exposure, help reduce enquiries for basic questions, educate the public about the venue and the services you offer. We’d also like to help you make unrealized earnings. We just need you to complete your profiles with enough detail.

Partner tips why Why?

If your venue profile or space listings have missing details or read a little strange, there’s a chance a customer may just call or email you to ask anyway.

If you have an incomplete or shady profile, there’s also a chance a customer may look to another venue to place a booking.

Partner tips how How We Help

MITURF will mandatorily ask you for specific venue and space information at the time of sign up and when you’re listing a space. Inputting up-to-date and accurate information on your profile is up to you.

We review and approves every new space listing before we publish live on the platform for everyone to see. We do this to make the best user experience possible for the community and also to prevent fraudulent accounts from being created.

Partner tips what What We Recommend

  • Review space profile details

    Periodically review venue/space profiles to make sure info is up to date, and someone is assigned to make any info changes.

  • Make attention to important areas

    Pay close attention to key things such as making you indicate competitive pricing, disclose offered amenities, provide accuracy on additional fees, operating hours, liability insurance coverage, allowed activities/events, rules and special instructions.

  • Sell yourself

    Communicate the selling features of the venue and spaces. Members are interested the space pictures, clear descriptions, amenities and equipment you offer. Have nets, specific sporting equipment, maybe even an audio system? Yep - put it in the space profile.

2. Show off the venue & listed spaces

Our goal is to attract people to your venue and have them book spaces there! Taking high quality pictures and having them showcased on your profiles helps us help you. Upload the best ones.

Partner tips why Why?

We’ve studied that people are 90% more inclined to book if you have pictures to prove it. No joke, it’s true. Leave the blind dates for another time.

Partner tips how How We Help

You can take pictures yourself and upload them to the relevant profile, or MITURF can help you take them and upload them for you.

Simply contact us and we’ll arrange a MITURF rep to help. You must have a Partner account for us to help.

Partner tips what What We Recommend

  • Prepare the space, set the scene

    Clean any mess before snapping away. Highlight the best features in the space.

  • Take high quality images

    If you’re not a photography expert, consider having someone knowledgeable take high quality pictures of the space. They’ll take probably take the best angled photos, make sure lighting is on-point, and apply fancy instagram like tones.

  • Ask for assistance

    If you need help take great pictures of the venue or space, reach out at . We’ll be will be happy to help.

3. Responds promptly to inquiries and booking requests

Members will appreciate timely responses to their inquiries or booking requests.

Partner tips why Why?

When you get a call from a customer during your business hours, you attend and answer as promptly and professionally as you can right? The same is recommended for incoming inquiries & booking requests on MITURF.

Partner tips how How We Help

We’ll automatically alert by email when customers send you an Inquiry or Booking Request. You can also see these Inquiries and Booking Requests in the Inquiries or Requests area or Dashboard once you’re logged into your account.

Partner tips what What We Recommend

  • Make sure there’s operational coverage

    Have you or your working amigos cover incoming requests by responding to inquiring and booking requests.

  • Check your email (and junk mail)

    Make sure your notification settings on your computer or device is set to receive receive notifications and/or emails.

  • Respond attentively

    Accept or decline Inquiries or Booking Requests just as promptly as you would by responding to a text from someone special. It’s cool if you decline; just indicate why. We’ve made it simple and it takes less than 5 seconds. We’ll automatically time-out and decline a request if you take too long.

    Heads up! You won’t be able to view the member’s email or phone number until the booking has been granted a confirmed booking. We do this to for security and fraud prevention purposes.

4. Stay on top of confirmed bookings

Keeping track of who has an upcoming booking will ensure you’re prepared to welcome a customer when they check-in to use the space.

Partner tips why Why?

If you’re unprepared for when a customer is checking into use a space as part of their confirmed booking, the customer will feel lost and unwanted. It’s important to be aware of customers paying an expected visit.

Partner tips how How We Help

We give you the tools to know who has what booked. Simply log into your account, view your calendar and see who is next. We’ve also made it super easy to use.

Partner tips what What We Recommend

  • Review your calendar periodically

    Stay on top of your calendar. That way you know what’s up.

  • Be punctual

    If a member is expected to arrive to use the space for a confirmed booking and you’re not available, the member may get offended. Try your best to be punctual or get someone to cover you to welcome the customer.

  • Learn the features

    We’ve made it super easy to look up who has a confirmed bookings. We also allow you to control availability by being able to block/unblock time, and even cancelling bookings directly from your calendar.

5. Learn to use the time blocking feature

We know you need to make certain spaces unavailable. Knowing how to use the time blocking feature will keep you in control. It’s quick, secure, convenient and easy.

Partner tips why Why?

MITURF knows that your spaces may be reserved on an ongoing basis for school events, tournaments, scheduled leagues and other unique commitments you may have. Marking time as unavailable allows you to stay in control of operations.

Partner tips how How We Help

We give you the flexibility to block one or more spaces for a given date/time. This includes a single block or recurring times. You’ll see what is blocked directly on the calendar. If you need to remove a recurring time block, it only takes a few clicks.

Partner tips what What We Recommend

  • Know which spaces to block + when + how often

    We will ask you what spaces to block, when and re-occurrence frequency. You’re in control and it’s super easy to use.

  • Know when to unblock time

    When you set your time blocking preferences, you can set an end date of the re-occurrence. This helps make the space available for booking to be requested. If you no longer require a blocked time or re-occurrence of one, remove the time blocking directly from the calendar.

  • Understand what happens when you block time

    If you block time for any space, MITURF will consider the space as unavailable and prevent members from initiating any inquiry or sending booking request. If you block time over a confirmed booking, it will be treated the same as a cancellation. You won’t make any earnings if you block time over confirmed booking.

6. Specify any “Special Instructions”

Communicating instructions to customers being granted a confirmed booking simplifies and makes it a smoother for the customer as well as the venue.

Partner tips why Why?

Inserting a custom message to be disclosed to customers for confirmed bookings makes things efficient for the venue. It allows you to disclose in private anything a customer would need to know such as where to find the access key, who to contact or whatever you need to share. We know venues tend to have certain standard information, basic instructions to share with customers. The message is really up to you and only shared with customer who get a confirmed booking.

Partner tips how How We Help

We relay your message to customers being granted a confirmed booking by allowing you to define what you’d like to communicate. We also allow you to edit special instructions at any time. Simply edit the space’s “Special Instructions” area.

Partner tips what What We Recommend

  • Decide whether you want to share Special Instructions

    Decide if you actually want to share special instructions or messages when the customer is awarded a confirmed booking. You might want to share instructions of which person to contact on check-in arrival, what the access code is, WIFI password etc. It’s up to you.

  • Know what to say

    Only share what you need and craft your verbiage in a well-mannered way. Great customer service makes a person feel good. Be careful not to disclose confidential information.

  • Know how to modify special instructions

    You can always change the verbiage any at time. Simply visit your Manage Spaces and edit the space special instructions.