Member Tips

1. Be sensible with sending requests

MITURF knows that sometimes you need to inquire before committing to rent a space. That’s why we made it quick and easy for you to submit inquiries so that you can finalize a booking. MITURF may prevent you from making more than 5 inquiries for the same booking need.

The same goes for sending booking requests. Making an official booking request gives you a greater chance to secure a booking and once the venue approves your booking request, you’ll be charged and a cancellation policy will then apply - let’s be sensible.

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Sending inquiries up to 5 inquiries to different venues for the same rental time and activity details is totally fine. Don’t bombard venues with inquiries without following through on any of them. It’s like knocking on someone’s door and then running away!

Booking Requests

  • Sending only ONE booking request for a given time is strongly recommended.

Why? If you submit multiple booking requests for the same time and conditions and multiple venues accept, you’ll essentially be paying for all the rentals you’ve been accepted for.

  • If you need to make more than one booking for different days or across various times, it’s recommended to send one booking request for each time slot you need.

Why? We’re working towards allow you to make booking requests fit for special situations like this. For now, please submit one booking request per given time.

  • Sending multiple booking requests for the same rental time at different venues is not recommended.

Why? If multiple venues accept, you’ll be paying them all and you’re on the hook. We wouldn’t want you to waste your money this way.

  • Don’t make booking requests without having the intention to actually follow through and book.

Why? Venues may notice that you cancel confirmed bookings or booking requests often and may think twice before accepting you in the future. MITURF will also keep track that you do this too often and may block your account.

2. Don’t cancel confirmed bookings too often

We give you the ability to cancel and get a full refund if you cancel more than 48 HOURS before your confirmed booking. Things happen.

However, cancelling confirmed bookings too often may impact your reputation on MITURF. Try to follow through on confirmed bookings so venues are provided with comfort they you will not bail out on them.

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It’s fine to cancel confirmed bookings when you need to. Life happens. However, please be sensible with how often you cancel confirmed bookings.

Don’t cancel confirmed bookings too often as this will create a burden to venues that have to re-sell the space to someone else.

Cancelling confirmed bookings essentially creates a negative venue experience.If you abuse the cancellation policy. MITURF may auto-decline future requests, alert you or even block your account.

3. Arrive on time to confirmed bookings

MITURF would love for you (and your guests) to thoroughly enjoy the space you’re renting. Arriving late will only cut into your confirmed booking period.

Some venues may allow you to make up the time if there is availability on the next time slot, however if there’s another booking right after you, your booking will expire at the scheduled ending time.

We make the rules fair for everyone so everybody plays by the same rules.

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  • Know where the space is located and share this with your guests. We will let you know through confirmation emails, on the booking details/permit which is accessible by logging in to your bookings area.
  • Give yourself and your guests enough time to travel. Calculate the commute time and plan accordingly.
  • We recommend you and your guests arriving 15 minutes before your booking time to get settled, warm up, and get ready.
  • Don’t arrive late to your booking. Try to huddle your guests on time.
  • If you start your rental late, don’t expect that you are owed the time by MITURF or the Venue. Some venues may allow grace periods, however this is dependant on the venue.

4. Stay within your booked time

Sometimes games and activities heat up, excitement picks up towards the end of it all.

So shoot that buzzer beater, shake hands and be courteous to that next person in line to use the space.

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  • After the end of your booked time, try to clear out of the space as soon as you can for the next person.
  • Make sure to take any garbage you left behind and your possessions.
  • Don’t prolong your booked time by continuing to play beyond your booking time.This isn’t courteous to the next person.
  • Don’t take your sweet time clearing out. It’s not fair for the next person who may have a booking right after you. It will cut into their time.

5. Don’t engage in activities or events that you weren’t approved for

MITURF asks you to indicate what activity you planning on doing and what event you’ll be having when you inquire or book a space. There reason is so that the venue has comfort and control over appropriate activities for safety and operational reasons. If you break the rules by doing something other than what’s accepted, your account may get blocked and you’ll be prevented from using the service.

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  • Be truthful to what activity you’ll be doing, what event you plan on holding, and the number of guests you’ll be bringing with you as per the accepted request.
  • Report any changes to the venue directly if your plans have changed. This includes the activity, event and number of people you plan on bringing as guests.
  • Don’t perform an activity that you were not approved for.

For example if you requested to use a space for a basketball game, and you use the space for a chemistry experiment, you’re violating the permit and you’ll be breaking the rules.

  • Don’t perform an event that you were not approved for.

For example, if you requested to use the space for a birthday party, but you decide to hold a commercial-paid only event, you’re violating the permit and you’ll be breaking the rules.

  • Don’t bring more guests than what you were approved for.

For example, If you plan on a doubles tennis match and indicate a total of 4, but you bring 10 friends, you’re violating the permit and you’ll be breaking the rules. Be sure to clear it with the venue first!

6. Behave

One of the reasons why MITURF was created was so everybody can get along and use spaces together. All of us have values, principles and morals. So let’s behave, avoid trouble and also be courteous and polite to one another.

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  • Be courteous.
  • Be polite and practice fair play.
  • Be mindful of surroundings such as young child and limit foul language.
  • Be a good citizen.
  • Simply, behave.
  • Don’t participate in horseplay or perform dangerous or illegal activities.
  • Do not undertake in actions that may risk your well being, harm you, damage the venue or promote violent behaviour against yourself or others.

7. Be tidy

Nobody likes to use a space if it’s messy, disorganized and/or dirty. MITURF is committed to helping Space Partners preserve a safe and clean environment. We need your help to keep things tidy so venues don’t impose a cleaning fee.

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  • Dispose of any garbage appropriately. Use the bins provided or take it with you.
  • Collect your belongings such as articles of clothing and gear.
  • If you notice any lost items, turn it into the venue for lost and found at your earliest.
  • If you lose anything, contact the venue directly.
  • Don’t litter.
  • Don’t leave your things behind.
  • Don’t steal or take items that are not yours. All equipment loaned from the venue must be returned.

8. Report any issues

We are committed to making sure your MITURF experience is flawless. We have practices in place to help resolve any issues with your experience or your account. If you have any feedback, submit them to

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  • Report any issues to us if you have any issues with the space you’re renting, have issues with your account, or simply have concerns. We’re happy to help.
  • If you witness any vandalism or criminal activities, report them to the venue who will work with you to handle it appropriately.
  • Please do not post any negative feedback about MITURF or your experience without contact us first. We’re committed to making sure you’re happy with the service and will aim to resolve any issues or misunderstandings.